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Replace Pioneer is a professional text, binary and internet file search, replace and conversion utility, as well as an advanced batch file renamer, batch downloader, file splitter, file parser, character encoding converter, word counter, bin/hex/oct/dec converter...

In each area, Replace Pioneer is making differences: You can replace a whole word or whole line that containing specific word/phrase; You can apply any function on your search result like adding 5 for each number; You can batch rename files base on any part of file content, or image size or date; You can split files into many files, each has specified number of lines, bytes, or even columns; You can read text with any encoding type and convert to any encoding; You can count the occurance of any self-defined pattern in a text file or web page; You can download all files with specified type like .pdf from a webpage; You can read many webpages and extract all images links into one single file; You can convert all IP address in your text file into country name in one step; Your replace operation can be saved automatically and reused later; ... ... You can do many many things that only a programmer can do in the past;

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In comparision to most of the large applications, Replace Pioneer has a very simple appearance with limited number of menu items. On the contrary, it has plenty of replace templates, file rename templates and statistics template, they all come from users' feedback, and just for your convenience. Besides that, the other shining point of Replace Pioneer is that hundreds of examples are available on the homepage, and you will get immediate attendance if you are trying to raise your own questions. Learn more...
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