Perl Regular Expression
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Simple Example of Perl Regular Expression:




apple -> will match 'apple tree', 'apples', 'pineapple' ... any text containing 'apple'


^ -> match start of text


$ -> match end of text


^apple$ -> match the whole word 'apple'


. -> match any single character


.* -> match 0 or more characters


.+ -> match 1 or more characters


.? -> match 0 or 1 character


.{n} -> match text with n characters


.{n,} -> match text with n or more characters


.{n,m} -> match text with n to m characters


(abc)* -> match blank, abc, abcabc, abcabcabc, ...


(abc)+ -> match abc, abcabc, abcabcabc, ...


[abcd] -> match a, b, c or d


[^abc] -> match any single character except a, b, c


\d -> match any single digit 0,1,2,...9


\D -> match any non-digit character


\w -> match any single word letter a,b,c...z,A,B,C,...Z


\W -> match any non-word letter


\s -> match space, table or return


\S -> match any character except space, table, return


\d+ -> match one or more digits


\w* -> match 0 or more word letters


a|b -> match a or b


\t -> match table


\n -> match return




Refer to if you want to learn more about Perl Regular Expression.




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