Range Definition
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Sometimes user do not need to replace all the matched items, instead they only need to replace some specific No. of them.






Range Definition enable user to replace only a subset of the matched result, each of the matched item has a sequence No., user can specify which No. need to replace by Range Definition.


Following is Syntax of "Range Definition":



Range_Definition=Range[,Range[,Range[...]]] -- means combination of all Ranges


Range=[!][Start_No]Step[End_No] -- means from Start_No to End_No, with specified "Step", "!" means not.


Step=..|<N> -- .. means step is 1, <N> mean step is N.


Note1: Start_No and End_No can not be abscent at the same time.


Note2: End_No > Start_No > 0, N >=2






Blank --> All matched result


1,3,5 --> The No. 1,3,5 matched result


8.. --> The No. 8,9,10,... matched result


..3 --> The No. 1,2,3 matched result


2..16 --> The No. 2,3,4,5,6,...,16 matched result


2<2>16 --> The No. 2,4,6,8,...,16 matched result(<n> similar to .., except step=n)


4<3> --> The No. 4,7,10,... matched result(step=3)


!2..5 --> The matched result No. excluding 2,3,4,5


!2<3>,11.. --> 1,3,4,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,...(exclude 2,5,8,11 ... and include 11,12,13...)";



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