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1035.Advanced search and replace -- How to add a space in the middle of the two characters in each line?

User: firewolf -- 2012-12-18          << 1034  1036 >>
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Type: Advanced search and replace   
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Add a space in the middle of the two characters in each line, punctuation remain unchanged
Input Sample:
Output Sample:
燕 塞 春 草,才 嫩 得 象 碧 绿 的, 
秦 地 桑 叶,早 已 茂 密 得 压 弯。
Hint: You need to Download and install "Replace Pioneer" on windows platform to finish following steps.
1. ctrl-o open text file 
2. ctrl-h open 'replace' window 
* set 'search for pattern' to: 
* set 'replace with pattern' to: 
3. click 'replace', done. 
4. ctrl-s save to file.

Screenshot 1:  Replace_Window

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