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1266.Replace text in multiple files -- How to remove everything before first space in each line?

User: jiajin -- 2014-11-27          << 1265  1267 >>
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Type: Replace text in multiple files   
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how to remove everything before first space in multiple files.
Input Sample:
>357 Agrobacterium sp 
>4443273 Neorhizobium galegae
Output Sample:
Agrobacterium sp 
Neorhizobium galegae
Hint: You need to Download and install "Replace Pioneer" on windows platform to finish following steps.
1. open "Tools->Batch Runner" menu 
2. drag multiple files from "windows file browser" to "batch runner" window 
3. click "Fast Replace" button 
4. click "add" to add new rules 
* set "search" to: 
click "ok" 
5. check option of "reg exp", UNcheck option of "cross line", and click "start", done.

Screenshot 1:  Fast_Replace_Window

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