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1387.Text file splitter -- How to split multiple text files by 100 lines?

User: Aaron -- 2017-01-01          << 1386  1388 >>
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Type: Text file splitter   
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How to split multiple text files in batch runner into multiple 100 line files?
This is version of 1313 but instead of splitting 1 line per file use 100 lines
per file.
Input Sample:
File A:

Contains 3000 lines

File B: 

Contains 5000 lines

File C:

Contains 3659 lines


Output Sample:
Output 1:

First 100 lines from File A
First 100 lines from File B
First 100 lines from File C

Output 2:

Next 100 lines from File A
Next 100 lines from File B
Next 100 lines from File C
Hint: You need to Download and install "Replace Pioneer" on windows platform to finish following steps.
Assume you want to split file to c:\temp\1.txt, 2.txt, ...
1. ctrl-h open replace window
* set 'replace unit' to 'Paragraph'
* click 'settings' tab:
  set 'paragraph delimiters' to 'Fixed para lines': 
* click 'advanced' tab:
  set 'run following for each matched unit' to:


2. click 'batch' button open 'batch runner' window
3. drag multiple files to 'batch runner' window
4. check 'set output filename', and set the entry to be blank(default is ${FILENAME}
5. click 'batch replace', done.

Screenshot 1:  Replace_Window

Screenshot 2:  Replace_Advanced_Window

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