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300.Advanced search and replace -- How to replace all "ID" in following xml file with increased ID?

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How to replace all "ID" in following xml file with increased ID?
Input Sample:
<student id="ID" name="Tommy"> 
<student id="ID" name="Jenny"> 
<student id="ID" name="Mary"> 
<student id="ID" name="Harry"> 
Output Sample:
<student id="1" name="Tommy"> 
<student id="2" name="Jenny"> 
<student id="3" name="Mary"> 
<student id="4" name="Harry"> 
Hint: You need to Download and install "Replace Pioneer" on windows platform to finish following steps.
1. ctrl-o open source file 
2. ctrl-h open "Replace" dialog 
set "Search for Pattern" to: 
set "Replace with Pattern" to: 
3. click "Replace", done! 
Note: $word_no is the sequence number of matched unit.
Download Script:  scripts/

Screenshot 1:  Replace_Window

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