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502.Advanced search and replace -- How to split one text/html into mutiple files by the special tag like <hr />?

User: Patrick Ong -- 2010-05-08          << 501  503 >>
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How to split one text/html into mutiple  files by the special tag like <hr />? 
I have several of these files, I need to split each of them up into smaller htm files with codes that is in-between <hr /> because in-between these <hr /> codes contain different courses.
Hint: You need to Download and install "Replace Pioneer" on windows platform to finish following steps.
You should use "split by paragraph" function. 
1. ctrl-o open the source html file 
2. open menu "File->Save As->Save to files--Split by Paragraph" 
3. in the popuped "Settings" window 
* set "Split naming" to: 
* set "Para start" to "Other", and fill the following entry to: 
* set "Para end" to "None" 
4. Click "Next", and select a folder and base output file like: c:\output\out.html, and click "Save". Your html file will be splitted into smale files like out.001.html, out.002.html, out.003.html, ...

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