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655.Html text generator -- How to extract titles from many html files into a txt file?

User: flashlab -- 2010-11-16          << 654  656 >>
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Type: Html text generator   
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How to extract titles from many html files into a txt?
Input Sample:
...<title>first one</title>

...<title>second one</title>
<body>...<title>don't pick me</title>...</body>

Output Sample:
first one
second one
Hint: You need to Download and install "Replace Pioneer" on windows platform to finish following steps.
Assume you only need to extract the first appeared text that enclosed by <title> </title> tag.

1. open "Tools->Batch Runner" menu
2. drag multiple html files from windows to "Batch Runner" 
3. check "output file name" option, and change the following entry from "${FILENAME}" to a result file like:

4. click "Fast Replace" button, click "Add" button,
* in "search", enter:

* in "replace", enter:

* click "ok"
* set the "Write Mode" to ">> Append"
* make sure option of "Ignore cases", "Regular Exp" and "Cross Line" are checked
* click "Start", done!

Suggest to download and use the latest version, 2.58.

Note: you need to backup all you html files, to avoid mis-operation.

Screenshot 1:  Batch_Runner_Window

Screenshot 2:  Fast_Replace_Window

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