Bin Hex Oct Dec Conversion

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Bin/Hex/Oct/Dec Conversion


Convert a text from binary to hex.

Bin Hex Oct Dec converter

Replace settings:

1) Replace Unit=Word

2) Search for pattern=.*

3) Replace with pattern=calc(oct('0b'.$match),'x')

4) If=$match=~/^[01]+$/

Other conversions:

2->8: calc(oct('0b'.$match),'o')

2->10: calc(oct('0b'.$match),'d')

2->16: calc(oct('0b'.$match),'x')

8->2: calc(oct('0'.$match),'b')

8->10: calc(oct('0'.$match),'d')

8->16: calc(oct('0'.$match),'x')

10->2: calc($match,'b')

10->8: calc($match,'o')


16->2: calc(oct('0x'.$match),'b')

16->8: calc(oct('0x'.$match),'o')



For batch replace files, please refer to Replace Pioneer help manual.

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