Text file parser

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Parse text from many files


Extract/parse title from many html files and put into one result file


1. Press ctrl-h open "Replace" dialog

(1) set "search for pattern":


(2) set "replace with pattern":


(3) Uncheck 'Print Unmatch Unit' option.

(4) At the bottom, Change the symbol ">" to ">> Append" just to the left of the "Output File" window.

Text file parser

2. Click 'Batch...' button open "Batch Runner" dialog

(1) Click 'Pick files' to select multiple html file for processing

(2) Set output filename from ${FILENAME} to a fixed name like "all_titles.txt".

(3) Click 'Batch Replace'

Text file parser

All your text between <title> and </title> will be copied and pasted to all_titles.txt

Text file parser

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