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Text Replace


Replace first char of each line to upper case.

replace translate

Replace settings:

1) Replace unit=chars

2) Replace scope=line

3) Search for pattern=.

4) Unit number filter=1

5) Replace with pattern=uc($match)

Text Translation


Translate WTO/WHO/NGOs in a paragraph.

replace translate

Replace settings:

1) Import following dictionary into system:

WHO=World Health Organization

WTO=World Trade Organization

NGOs=non-governmental organizations

2) Search for pattern=WHO|WTO|NGOs

3) Replace with pattern=get_value($match)\($match\)

Word Auto-correction


Correct typos in a paragraph

replace translate

Replace settings:

1) Replace unit=Word

2) Search for pattern=.*

3) Replace with pattern=correct($match)

4) Advance Page: Run following at the beginning of replace=$word_input_delimiter='\W+'