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admin All your comments are highly appreciated! 
jack uesful 
John can we extract according to requirement 
admin To John: you can extract text according to your own requirement. Click "Services" tab and click "New Request" to get free help if you cannot work it out by yourself. 
 Text Replacement 
komiii best 
Eehanz statstic 
sinsung Very good 
TRM VERY complicated, and written only for programmers. 
lifa good 
sun Good 
lw good 
saruri so goof!!thanks  
Hector On my notebook with vista business, I set up the software but I cannot run it, there is no response at all~ I think something need to be improved 
admin The issue above is resolved, please click here for detail, thanks Hector for raising the issue 
liurj doc file 
Jionny it is very useful Does it has Simplely Chinese version? I'd like buy one but $39 is too expensive to me,how about US$10?  
edward I cant get it to work and how am i suppose to know these special characters codes to split csv files when using them? 
admin You can search "split csv" in our example page if you cannot find solution, you can raise a new question there 
kai xia good 
Angela Brown i am having a problem with my registration is there any way you can provide my registration key again?  
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colin a portable version would be great