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Version   Release DateChanges 
2.732013/11/08 add a "test" button in "Fast Replace" window;
add a "clear" button in "Batch Log" window;
add file_size function and related rename template;
add complicated output format in "export list" in batch runner;
add file list export templates of file_size, file_time, mp3_info, etc.;
change function count, return 0 if no result;
change file_time function supporting access and created time;
fix other small issues
2.722013/04/04 auto ignore blank lines for fast replace rules;
update function calc, set default format to "s";
add template of "rename file by attatching md5sum";
update template of "file rename by time" template;
fix batch rename encoding related templates;
2.712012/08/19 improve batch operation prompt by adding "ignore all" option;
support remembering clear file list flag on quit;
fix latest batch file rename failure issue;
2.72012/06/24 What's new in Version 2.7? >>>
1. Add option to enable/disable recent file list:
By clicking "File->Recent File List->Settings" menu, user can enable/disable Recent File List generating or clear existing Recent File List

2. Add option to enable/disable quit prompt:
User can check option of "Disable quit prompt" on quit dialogue to avoid this window appear next time.

3. Support "whole word" option in fast replace window:
A "whole word" option is supported in "Fast Replace" window as well as in "Pattern Counter" window.
if this option is checked, only the pattern that appearing as a whole word will be matched.

4. Support drag and drop to import rules in "fast replace" window and "pattern counter" window:
User can drag pattern files from file browser to "pattern counter" window to import the pattern.
User can drag search/replace rule files from file browser to "Fast Replace" window to import the search/replace rules.

5. Impove some functions:
(1) Update function rand_str, rand_str_unique, support specified delimiter and array output
(2) Update function get_values_all, support specified output format

6. Other minor impovement and issue fixing

2.692012/02/11 filename and foldername entry support drag and drop;
renaming files from a list support drag and drop;
auto remove leading and trailing spaces of file rename rule;
add template to extract all text from binary file;
auto change to related folder when a file dialogue is open
2.682011/10/23 support user-defined format in file list exporting;
improve sort_by_func, support inline function as parameter;
support using statement to define start of a paragraph ;
introduce unit_num to indicate total number of replace units;
support "whole word" option in "pattern counter";
support importing single column text in "pattern counter"
2.672011/09/25 improve function file_content, support webpage and dos command;
introduce syntax of for file rename;
introduce a new variable $URL for http address;
improve algrithm of html_to_links function to extract more links
2.662011/08/21 support splitting files by size instead of characters;
support splitting file to multiple files evenly;
update ip2country database
2.652011/07/10 Add prompt when user quits application;
Support "create duplicate input" in batch runner window;
Change the length limitation of FIRSTLINE to 256;
Update setup images;
Fix parsing issue for digit filename
2.642011/06/11 Add function "page" to get text from specific page;
Add template of removing line with duplicate word;
Update help files;
Fix issue of setting return as default button;
2.632011/04/26 Support removing duplicate in "batch runner" file list;
Update function html_to_link, support hide and filter types;
Add template of extracting absolute links from html files;
Update ip to country database;
Change filename generating rule for download files;
Support debug info collection and fix some small issues
2.622011/03/27 Batch replace add "output to single file" button;
Enhance range parameter for chars,words,lines functions;
Enhance type and pattern parameters for file_content function;
Fix issue of single ^ and $ as regular expression;
Fix issue of mylibrary;
2.612011/02/13 includes "edit" and "help" in context menu;
supports context sensitive help for function syntax;
adds function get_value_num, sys_encode, sys_decode;
adds copy button in pattern counter detail;
improves chars,words,line and sort function;
improves run apps operation;
adds and modifies some rename and sort template
2.62011/01/03 What's new in Version 2.6? >>>
1. Supports user-defined functions/subroutines:
New menu "Settings -> My Library" is added
You can define your own perl subroutines here and invoke it anywhere when need.

2. Supports batch running user-defined applications in "Batch Runner" window:
A "Run Apps" button is added in "Batch Runner" window
User can select different template and edit self-defined code, and click "Run" to run the code on each input and output filename.

3. Improve file extraction, supports "extract" option in "Fast Replace" operation:

(1) a new option of "Extract" is supported in "Fast Replace" window
(2) Add some templates to support extracting files

4. Improve function chars,words,lines and sort functions, support flexible range parameters

5. Improve sort functions:
(1) add a 'date' type parameter, support sorting text with date type:
(2) add new function sort_by_func, which enable user to sort text by the execution result of self-define function:

6. Fix crash issue when pasting some unicode text to edit window.

7. Some Minor improvements and issue fix.
2.592010/11/21 Show replace script name and batch operation progress on title;
Search entry ".*" can be ignored in Fast replace dialog;
Change default value of dictionary key from blank to 1;
Fix backslash escape issue in "fast replace" operation
2.582010/10/10 Supports batch generating md5sum/sha1sum for multiple files;
Adds an user function of import_values;
Supports run-time change input/output filename in replace dialog;
Adds variable $FULLNAME_OUT, update related context menus
2.572010/09/12 Adds "create new folder" prompt for non-exists folder;
Adds "Yes to all" option for overwrite in batch replace;
Updates base64encode/decode replace template;
Fixes non-english DOS command input/output issue;
Improves shortcut creation method during installation
2.562010/08/07 Supports recording the user's last selected file type filter;
Supports recording the last three user-defined file rename rules;
Supports unescaped slash in fast_replace and pattern_counter;
2.552010/07/04 Supports importing dictionary format with "value" only;
Supports plain format of "fast replace" template;
Supports plain format of "pattern counter" template;
Adds file rename template of "random word";
Fixes function replace issue when extract_flag=1
2.542010/05/03 Adds replace template of string Encoding/Decoding;
Updates file_content function, support text/binary/nametext type;
Updates replace function, support translate option
2.532010/03/07 Fixes case issue in regular expression;
Supports img_info to batch rename file to image size;
Changes mp3_info to flexible format;
2.522010/02/25Largely improves replace performance by algrithm adjustment;
Supports pattern memory variables when replace unit is word/line/para;
Supports parenthesis in word delimiter definition;
Fixes batch file operation sort issue for filenames with long number;
2.512010/01/16Upgrades IP to Country conversion database;
Fixes progress dialog issue in line replace;
2.52009/11/22 What's new in Version 2.5? >>>
1. Adds "Drag and Drop" functions for single or multiple file operation, and improve some GUI:
(1)Drag one file and drop to "Replace Pioneer" icon or "Replace Pioneer Window" to edit
(2)Drag multiple files to "Replace Pioneer" icon or "Replace Pioneer Window" or "Batch Runner Window", files will be added to "Batch Runner" window for batch operations.
(3)Adds progressing dialog for replace operations, and provide more hint when replace expression error.
(4)Context menu for "functions" are grouped by categories.

2. Supports built-in open/save file with HEX byte format:
(1) Open menu "File->Load->Hex Load to Page", file will be open and convert to HEX text format
(2) Open menu "File->Save As->Hex Save to file", the HEX text will convert to byte and save to file
(3) In "Replace" window, user can select "Hex Load" and "Hex Save" as file load/save type.

3. Supports backquote to escape special chars for both search and replace pattern:
(1) In Replace dialog, "Search for pattern" can be escaped by a pair of backquote(`), can also be escaped by a pair of single quote(')
(2) In Replace dialog, "Replace with pattern" can be escaped by a pair of backquote.
(3)Improves Regular Expression support for syntax like (?!...)

4. Adds explicit "ingore cases" and "regular expression off" options in Replace Dialog:
(1) "Ignore cases" option is introduced as a replacement of '@', the legacy '@' can still be used in search pattern for complicated cases.
(2) "Regular Expression" and "Enhanced Regular Expression" options are supported, uncheck both options will turn off special meaning of all the symbols like notepad.
(3) Pattern Builder function is removed since this load.

5. Adds "Link Creator" and "Html_page" download type for batch download operation:
Click "Create Links" in "Batch Runner" window, user can input a Link Template string, where [###] inside the string will be explained as consecutive numbers started from specific value.
Click "Edit" in "Batch Runner", if the "Dowload As" type is selected as "Html_page", the web page file, as well as the ojects on the same web page, will be downloaded.

6. Supports "Append mode" for fast replace on batch files

7. Adds and changes some fuctions:

8. Adds many "batch file rename" templates and "replace" templates:
(1)Batch File Rename templates:
file => newname from index file -- batch rename file from a index file
file => from map file(format: oldnew) -- batch rename file from a mapping file
file => random name(001_xxxxx) -- allow you batch add random strings to filename.
file => dirname_file -- help you add folder name before each file
file => dirname_001 -- help you renumber your file inside each subfolder
(2)Adds some "replace template":
Replace all 'RANDOM' to a string with 11 unique letter and digit.
Generate full list of 1 to 100 with random order
Generate full list of 'aaa' to 'zzz' with random order
Shuffle all the chars in the words like: 'hello => elolh'
Shuffle all lines
Extract first line from multiple file
Convert Text to Hex Encoding Bytes of UTF-8
(3)Adds some "Fast Replace" templates:
Remove first line/last line
Add base64encode and base64decode template

9. Fixes some issues like var \1 \2 support in "pattern counter" detail.

2.442009/08/28Fixed file rename permission denied issue;
File rename from content allow non-word characters
2.432009/08/16Fixed file list and filter issue in file-open dialog
2.422009/07/07Fixed Registry issue for Vista
2.412009/05/05Fixed Regular Expression Issue
2.42009/03/25 What's new in Version 2.4? >>>
1. Adds DOC, PDF replace and conversion:
(1)Supports DOC/PDF to text conversion
(2)Supports text replacement in doc/pdf file
2. Adds "conversion" menu and adjust logs/tools menu:
(1) Adds "conversion" menu with following items: Fast_Replace/Change_Encoding/DOC,PDF..Convert/DOC,PDF..Replace
(2) Split "tools" menu to "tools" and "settings" menu, merge "Log" menu into "Replace"
3. Improves Encoding feature:
(1)Support UTF-8-BOM encoding type and conversion
(2)Add Encoding Changed Hint on startup
(3)Fixes issue of UTF-16 encoding error, Adds BOM for UTF-*-LE/BE, UCS-*-LE/BE
4. Improve "Batch Runner" functions:
(1)Improves File Search functions:
* File search adds date and time filter option
* File search adds specific DOC/PDF and binary file
(2)Improves File Rename functions:
* Supports functions(file_line,file_content) to rename file to any part of contents.
* Supports function mp3_info to extract mp3 artist/title
(3)Improves Batch File List Operations:
* Improve file list, supports paste files from browser
* Adds option of "clear list before load new file"
* Improve file list, supports shift-click to select file
5. Fixes some issues:
(1)Resolves issue of batch operation log lost on close
(2)Fixes fast replace fail to handle slash "/" issue
(3)Find/goto supports Ctrl-V to paste, escape to close
2.32008/12/15 What's new in Version 2.3? >>>
1. Added powerful pattern counter:
Pattern Counter Supported text statistics on page/file/web_pages for different user-definable pattern
2. Added real time ASCII display
3. Add "Yes to All" option for file overwrite prompt
4. Improved searching speed in "Fast Runner" window
5. Update IP to Country conversion to latest database
6. Fixed some issues:
(1) file_time function do not support non-ascii chars in file path
(2) Download default folder in "Batch Runner" do not take effect sometimes
(3) Incorret result of lines_r function
(4) Pasting text to a text window lost first line sometimes
(5) Dictionary can not handle \r inside text file sometimes
2.22008/09/15 What's new in Version 2.2? >>>
Introduced "Fast Replace" for batch file replacement
Supported Binary File replace in "Fast Replace"
Supported Multiple Replace Rules in "Fast Replace"
Supported parenthesis in Regular expression, supported Pattern Memory variables
Introduced text generator function
Improved file renaming rules, supported file renaming to html title or last modify time
Extract links supported multi-level extracting
File spliting supported dialogue for delimiter and rules settings
Remove fast_chars type
Many other small changes and enhancement
2.12008/06/15Introduced "Online example search" function, there are hundreds of online examples.
Improved New Filename Rule, using part of filename, customized number and functions are allowed.
Improved Split Filename Rule, using part of filename, customized number and functions are allowed.
Allowed blank instead of ".*" in "Search for Pattern" window
Fixed issue of failure with non-english installation path
Fixed issue of consecutive delimiter switch
Fixed issue of interpretion of delimiter "|"
Fixed issue of "Extract Links" failure in Batch Runner
2.02008/03/12What's new in Version 2.0? >>>
Major change has been made in this release
Make great improvement on batch file replacement:
1. Adds File Searching function, supporting subdirectory searching switch and filename/content/size filter.
2. Adds Webpages Link Extracting function, can extract multiple webpages and operate on the extracted links, supports name filtering.
3. Adds Batch file renaming rules, user can change each file to a new name base on a flexible rule, user can control file sequence, extension, cases and so on, even can change filename to the firstline of file content.
4. Improves Sorting function of batch file/http list. User can sort the list by all columns including InputName/OutputName/DownloadType/InputDirectory/OutputDirectory/Date/Extension
5. Supports Filename list Importing/Exporting function

Adds a separate Batch Runner function, to support non-replacement batch operations including batch downloading:
1. Supporting all features as batch file replacement.
2. Supporting following frequently used operations on multifiles
* File Renaming/Copying/Encoding_Change/Merging
* File Downloading, supporting binary file
3. Supporting Log recording and checking function for all operations

Adds '<', '<<', '<<<' operators, stands for file spliting by bytes/lines, by paragraph, or by column respectively.
Adds following settings for file splitting/backup:
1. File split naming rule. User can set flexible splitted filename.
2. File split by line and bytes supporting. User can split file by customized number of lines or bytes.
3. File overwrite confirm/backup switches.
4. File backup extension setting.

Besides global settings, adds setting page for each individual replace operation including:
1. Word/Paragraph delimiter settings
2. File splitting/backup settings
3. File input/output encoding settings
4. Unix format flag setting

Adds a Powerful "Pattern Builder" function in replace window, to help build a replace pattern:
1. By setting sample text and selecting part of text, system can provide a list of candidate patterns for selection.
2. For each selected pattern, system provides a list of candidate functions for selection.
3. The "Pattern Builder" provide a realtime output sample, the output sample will be automatically changed once the pattern is changed ---WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).

Adds a friendly online function tips for each text window in Replace dialog:
1. When user types a internal function or perl string function in text window, a tips window will appear below to show the function syntax and highlight the matched parameters.
2. If user move mouse point to the tips window, the full function syntax and explanation will appear.

Adds an powerful Encoding Detection tool, which can detect files with any of 74 encoding types:
1. User only need to enter the filename and click start.
2. The system will provide the output sample of all 74 encoding type. By checking the result, user can easily know the encoding type of the file.

Many other Change/Improvement
1.142008/01/28Adds formattime, difftime function and time conversion template;
Fixes "divided by zero" bug in Column Append mode;
Fixes log saving bug;
1.132007/12/28Adds ip2country function and template;
Adds expression calculator template;
Adds random character generator template;
1.122007/12/15Adds lines statistics template;
Allow unlimited function recurse level in replace pattern
1.112007/11/27Adds make_batch functions and templates;
Adds word auto-correct function and template;
Fix bug of batch web pages save to files;
1.12007/11/18Adds html to text/link conversion functions and templates;
Adds binary/hex/octet/decimal conversion templates;
Adds batch operation templates;
Change GUI of replace dialog;
1.012007/10/26Improve fast_char replacement
1.02007/10/12New Release