Batch Mode Operation
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Batch mode enable user to do one or multiple replace commands on a group of files.



1. To use Batch Mode, user should open Replace Dialog firstly, edit one or multiple replace commands.


2. Make sure the commands are ready, user can click "Batch..." button.


3. A "Batch Runner" dialog will popup.



4. Click "Pick Files", the "Open" dialog will popup, use ctrl or shift+mouse to select multi-files and Click "Open"



5. By clicking the Title of different column, you can sort the files as need



6. You select or edit the different rule of "Set output file name" below the file list. The "Output File" column will be changed according to your new rule.


7. You can also check the "Change output file directory" to set a new directory for output files.


8. Make sure the list is correct, user can click "Batch Replace" button.



For the detailed operations on batch file list, please refer to Batch Runner