Batch Runner
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Batch Runner is designed to finish following kinds of operations:



1. Batch Text Replacement operations:


User can open "Replace Dialog" and click "Batch ..." to make a batch text replacement.



2. Batch Fast Replacement operations:


Fast Replacement is introduced to improve replace efficiency and support binary file.



Advantages of "Fast Replace" than "Normal Replace"


1) Fast Replace do not need to load file into pages, improve replace speed


2) Fast Replace can support Binary file replace


3) Fast Replace support multiple replacement all at once like "replace a with b, replace c with d, ..."



Advantages of "Normal Replace" than "Fast Replace"


1) Support many flexible switches and replace unit/scope, can handle complicate text conversion and replacement


2) Support checking and recording the details of each replacement


3) Support making and re-using scripts with mulitple operation steps.


3. DOC/PDF related conversion and replace:


1) DOC/PDF/HTML to text conversion


2) DOC/PDF replacement


4. Other non-replace batch operations:


1) File Renaming


2) File Copying


3) File Downloading


4) File Merging


5) File Encoding conversion


6) User-defined application/statements



To make above batch operations, user can click Batch Runner toolbar or Tools->Batch Runner menu:




A Batch Runner Dialog will pop-up:




To make a batch operation, following 3 steps are required:



1. Select multiple files --- In the top of the "Batch Runner" dialog.


Providing 6 ways to generate the batch files list:


(1) Drag Files from browser and drop to "Batch Runner" window


(2) Pick Files from browser


(3) Search Files from browser


(4) Copy file from browser and paste to "Batch Runner" window


(5) Extract http links from web address


(6) Batch create links


see Batch Files Selection part for detail



2. Make changes on the file list --- In the middle of the "Batch Runner" dialog.


After the File list is generated, user can do following operations on it:


(1) Sort by each columns, and move each line up and down.


(2) Load, save, clear the list or paste files to the list.


(3) Change "output file name", "output directory", "download as type" for one or all items.


Please check Batch File List Operations part for detail



3. Run specified operation for all files --- At the bottom of the dialog.


(1)If user open the "Batch Runner" dialog from "Replace Dialog" by clicking "Batch..." button, there will be "Batch Search", "Batch Replace" and "Cancel" buttons, which is similar as in "Replace Dialog".


(2)If user open the "Batch Runner" dialog directly from "Batch Runner" toolbar or Tools->Batch Runner menu, there are following buttons:


* Fast Replace


* Encode Convert


* DOC/PDF Convert


* DOC/PDF Replace



* File Rename


* Copy/Download


* File Merge


* Run User-defined Application/Statements


* Show Logs


For each operations, please refer to Fast Replace Operations and Non-replace Batch Operations part for detail.


Notes: the first four operations:


* Fast Replace


* Encode Convert


* DOC/PDF Convert


* DOC/PDF Replace


are also included in "Convert" menu, from where user can make operation on single file, please refer to Convert Menu for detail.