Check and copy result of replace
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Check replace result:


After a replace operation user can check the result from 3 aspect:



1. Check the output page window, all the replaced text will be highlighted.


Note 1: Sometime the highlighted text will disappear because user select some other text, by activing other page and go back to this page, the highlighted text will appear again.


Note 2: The maximum number of highlighted text is 10000 by default, user can change it at the bottom of log window, too large number will cause slow reaction of system.


Note 3: If the matched text are replaced with blank, no text is highlighted.



2. Check the total number and operation stream at realtime log window.



Each realtime log item records starttime,endtime,operation type, count, operation stream, operations details.


User can check "count" to know how many unit are changed, and check Operation Stream(Input->Page_In->Page_Out->Output) to see if input and output pages and files are writing correctly.


Note: if the count is embraced by a pair of Parenthesis, it means the operation failed or stopped by user, the number means items changed by the time user stop it.



3. Check detail changes


User select one of the change record in the realtime or history log window, bottom of the window will show "Paragraph", "Line", "Word" and "Change" pages for this change record.




"Para" page will list all the sub-pattern user entered in the Search Text area, and tell for each pattern how many Paragraph matches.


"Line" page will tell for each pattern how many Lines matches.


"Word" page will tell for each pattern how many Words/Chars matches.


"Change" page will list the detail about the change, including line No, and count of lines, old text and new text.



Note: Para/Line/Word will show number of each pattern matched, regardless of "Condition filter" pass or fail.



Example: user can do a replace with "apple|orange|banana" as search pattern, after the replace, the "Word" page will show how many each of the "apple","orange","banana" found.



Copy result of replace


By selecting one of the pages "Para","Line","Word" or "Change" and click "Copy" button at the right of the toolbar, all text in the current page will be copied to clipboard.