Creating and Using scripts
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To re-use an old replace commands, user have two choice:


1. re-run from realtime and history log, see Re-do a replace according to realtime or history log for detail


2. re-run from scripts.



This section will tell how to create and use scripts.



How to Save a script:


1. Selecting one or more log records from realtime or history log.


2. Click "Save to Script" button or popup menu.







3. A save dialog is poped up, user shound enter the name of script and click "Save".



If user want to append new records to a script file already exists, the only different operation is select "Append to Script" instead of "Save to Script"






How to Run a script:


1. Click "Open script" button, and select the script file, and click "Open", or simply drag the .rst script file from browser to the editor window.



2. Edit all commands in Replace Dialog, for detail refer to step 3,4,5 of Re-do a replace according to realtime or history log.


3. Click "Replace"(or "Batch" if user want to run script on multiple-files)