Defining a Word
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By default, a "Word" is a group of characters separated by spaces.


To improve the flexibility, we support user-defined word separators.


Click Settings ToolBar, a "Settings" dialog is poped up:






Input delimiter and Output delimiter:


At the top of the dialog, user can select "input delimiter" and "output delimiter" of the word.


"input delimiter" is used when system try to separate a text into words.


"output delimiter" is used when system try to paste some words side by side together.


Note: If user select others as input delimiter and fill nothing in the entry, the text will be seperated to words with only one character.



Fixed word width:


If "fixed word width" is a non-zero value, the text will be splitted by number of characters defined here, word delimiters will be ignored.


Syntax of "fixed word width": width1[,width2[,width3...]]]


width1/2/3/... are positive or negative values, negative values means number of bytes to skip.




3 => separate text to words with 3 characters


3,4,5 => separate text to words with 3,4,5,5,5,5,... characters


3,4,-1 => separate text to words with 3,4,(-1),4,(-1),4,(-1),... -1 means skip one byte.



Note1: the Word Delimiters parameters can be set globally at Menu: Settings->Settings, they can also be changed for each individual replace operation in "Settings" page of "Replace Dialog".


Note2: the "input_delimiter","output_delimiter" and "fixed word width" can also be changed in run_time as variable, please refer to System Variables part.


Note3: if user uses column split operation (<<<), columns will be splitted follow the same rule as splitting words.


Note4: for some functions(like words()) has delimiter as a parameter, if delimiter is omitted, system will use delimiter defined in "Settings" dialog.