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When we save some text into a file, we can select different coding scheme(encoding), different encoding may generate different file on disk.


On the contrary, when we open a file, we must know the encoding of the file, or we may not read the file content correctly.



Note: If you don't know the encoding type in advance, there is an effective way to help you detect what is is the correct encoding:


Select "Tools->Encoding Detection" Menu, enter the filename and click start, system will list all encoding of your samples for you to choose. Please refer to Encoding Detection part for detail.



Replace Pioneer support most types of encodings, including most popular UTF-8 and UTF-16.




Replace Pioneer will automatically detect the default system encoding upon first time being launched, all the file reading and writing will follow this default encoding.


However, you may need to open files with different type of encoding, in such case, selection of encoding is important.



How to open and save file with different type of encoding:


1. Select correct encoding type from Settings->Encoding menu


2. All the file will be open and saved with assigned encoding



How to convert a file from encoding type A to B:


1. Run "Convert->Encoding Convert" menu


2. Enter "Input Encoding" to A and "Output Encoding" to B


3. Enter "Input File" and "Output File"


4. Click 'Start', the file conversion will be done.



How to convert many files from encoding type A to B automatically:



1. Open "Tools->Batch Runner" window


2. Select multiple files from "Pick Files" button


3. Click "Encode Convert" button.


4. Enter "Input Encoding" to A and "Output Encoding" to B


5. Click 'Start', the file conversion will be done.



Reset Encoding Menu:


By opening "Settings->Reset Encoding" menu, a "Reset Encoding" dialog is open to show the default encoding and user-set encoding.


User can select "Reset to Default" if these 2 encoding type are different.


If User checked "Show hint on startup if Encoding is not Default", application will automatically check if the default encoding has been changed upon restarting, and will prompt user to change the encoding back.