Encoding Detection
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Sometimes we have got some files but don't know its exact encoding type, it's waste of time to try to open the file with all encoding types.


For the convenience of users, Replace Pioneer provides an easy way for user to detect what is the correct encoding type.





Select "Tools->Encoding Detection" menu, an "Encoding Detection" dialog box will open:




User need to enter the filename in the "File to Check" entry, then Click "Start".


System will try to open your file with all types of encodings one by one, and for each encoding type, it will take the first 30 bytes as samples.




System will also show the detecting progress. After the detection finishes, user can find out what is the correct encoding type by checking each sample.


If user can not decide the encoding type from the first 30 bytes of the file, user can change "Start from Byte" field on the right top of dialog to other values, such as 100, after user click "Start" again, the new sample from 100 to 130 will be populated to encoding table.



After user detecting correct encoding type of the file, he can select this row and click "Set As Encoding" button, to set System Encoding type to this Encoding.


User can also click "Reset Encoding" to restore the System Encoding to default.


After user has set the encoding, the settings on Settings->Encoding menu will be changed accordingly.



Note: In most cases, the text file may match more than one Encoding types, usually user can select any one of them.