Enhanced Regular Expression
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The Enhanced Regular Expression is similar to Perl Regular Expression, but make some changes for user's convenience.



Enhanced Regular Expression introduce and re-explain following symbols:


& -- and


| -- or(similar to Regular expression)


! -- not


() -- grouping


@ -- ignore case



Note 1: Don't use above symbols as in Regular Expression, they have different meaning in Enhanced Regular Expression.


Note 2: If "Enhanced Regular Expression" option is selected, you should avoid using '(' and ')' followed by a quantifier like (abc)* or (abc)+, '(' and ')' can only be used to group expressions like (abc&def)|xyz.





abc --> Item including abc


^abc$ --> Item equal to abc


abc@ --> Item including abc, ignore case


!abc --> Item not including abc


abc|def --> Item including abc or def


abc&def --> Item including abc and def


!abc@|(def&^xyz$) --> Combination of above