Input file types
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System supports 3 types of input file:



1. General File:


User can select file from browser or input into Entry directly.



2. Dos Command, syntax as follows:


!command1 & command2 & command 3 ...


Example: "!c: & cd \temp & dir" will change to the c:\temp and list all files



3. WWW Page, syntax as follows:


@url type filename


Type=(text,html,links), if type is ignored, it will be "text".


If user enter "filename", system will set global variable $FILENAME to be $filename for user.


Example: " html nyt.html" will load the webpage as html with filename "nyt.html"


Please refer to WWW Page session of File Menu and ToolBar for detail of "type" definition.


User can also manually load DOS command and WWW Page from File Menu.