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Defining Macros:



There are some system defined Macros, you can also defined Macros by yourself.


Click Settings Tool Button or select Settings->Settings menu, you will see a "Settings" Dialog, at bottom there is a "Macro definition" frame, all the System and User defined Macros are listed here.



You can click "Add", "Delete" and "Modify" button to edit the list. It will be sorted automatically each time reload.


"Name" column is the name of Macro


"Definition" column is the value of Macro



The default System defined Macros are:


_ANY_ match any number of characters


_BLANK_ match nothing


_NONBLANK_ match any one character


_NONSPACES_ match any number of characters other than space/tab/return


_NUMBER_ match any pure integer numbers


_RETURN_ match a <return> key


_SPACES_ match any number of characters of space/tab/return


_SPACE_ match any one character of space/tab/return


_TAB_ match a <table> key


_TOKEN_ match any number of characters consist of Letter/Digit/Underscore



Using Macros:



User can use Macros in any of the edit windows in the Replace Dialog.



System will make following conversion <Macro_Name> => Macro_Value if the Macro_Name exist in the Macro Table.


Note: If the name between "<" and ">" is not a defined Macro Name, system will not treat it as a Macro, and will not change it.





User can define following two macros:







Then user can use <START>apple<END> to match a whole word "apple", system will translated it to ^apple$