Operation Stream(Input->Page_In->Page_Out->Output)
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Operation Stream describes the path and Write Mode(Overwrite,Append,Column Append) between the source text and the destination text.


Operation Stream can be defined at middle of the Replace Dialog.




There are 4 types of Operation Stream:



1. InputFile -> InputPage(do replace here)-> OutputPage -> OutputFile


2. InputFile -> InputPage(do replace here)-> OutputPage


3. InputPage(do replace here)-> OutputPage -> OutputFile


4. InputPage(do replace here)-> OutputPage



User can select Write Mode(Overwrite,Append,Column Append) between every 2 elements.


After the operation, we can see the stream from the log records.






If we want to append many files into one file, the operation stream can be:


File1 > P0 > P1 > Output


File2 > P0 > P1 >> Output




FileN > P0 > P1 >> Output



The Operation stream can also be:


File1 > P0 > P1


File2 > P0 >>P1




FileN > P0 >>P1 > Output



Note: Since version 2.0, there is another easy way to Merge many files by Tools->Batch Runner menu, click "File Merge" Button. See Batch Runner part for detail.