Re-do a replace according to realtime or history log
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Re-doing a replace is one of the most convenient function of the software, especially in case user has a group of complicated replace commands.



Re-do a replace from realtime log:



1. Each replace or search operation will be saved as a record in the realtime window in the middle of the main window.


2. By selecting these records and click "Replace by selected records" button or popup menu, the Replace dialog will be poped up.



3. The top right corner show how many replace commands are selected, and what is id of the current editing command.


4. Select one of the Command IDs, and edit all the entries to fit user's requirement.


5. Repeat step 4 until all Replace Commands are correct.


6. Click "Replace", all these Replace Commands are re-executed and result will be recorded in the Log.



Re-do a replace from history log:


All the realtime log will be automatically saved to the history log in the logs directory when user quit the System, the logs are named by date.


To redo a replace from history log, user should click "Open Log" button or Menu, and select one of the log files. the first opened log will be write into "Log1" page, system support 3 Log files in total.






Like Re-do a replace from realtime log, user select the records in the Log window, and follow steps 2-6 to finish re-do operation.