Replace Text Definition
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Replace Text is the new text used to replace the matched text.




Basically, the syntax of this entry is a "Perl String", system will automatically add a pair of quote if user miss it at begin and end.


User can fill or right click mouse to select one or combination of following items in the entry:


1. Macros


2. System Variables


3. Functions



The result of expression will be calculated during run time, and will be used to replace the matched text.


It doesn't matter if you don't know Perl, there are a lot of easy templates and examples to use.





abc --> simple char 'abc'


<abc> --> The user or system defined string <abc>


$match --> the matched item itself


abc$match --> add 'abc' before each matched item


${match}def --> add 'def' after each matched item


$match[1..5] --> the 1 to 5 sub-items of the matches item.


sub-items= chars/words/lines(depending on replace type).


$match[..5,7,6,8..] the matched item with sub-item 6 and 7 exchanged.


$para_no,$word_no,$line_no --> the matched paragraph no., word no. or line no.


$unit_num --> the total number of replace units(may hold value of total word number, line number or paragraph number).


$global_line_no --> the current line number(including matched and unmatched).


$previous --> previous part of matched item


$next --> next part of matched item


words($match,3) --> the 3rd word of matched item(if have)


chars($match,-2) --> the reversed 2nd char of matched item(if have)


lines($match,5,8) --> the line 5,6,7,8 of the matched item(if have)



For detailed info please refer to Macros, System Variables, Functions.