Settings for replace
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Settings for replace can be changed by user for different situation.


Click Settings button or Tools/Setting menu, a Settings dialog is poped up, there are mainly 4 areas:



1. Setting Proxy url, username, password, and http timeout if user need to visit a web site as input.


Note: this settings can not be Save/Load to/from a file or restored as mentioned below.


2. Word Delimiters and Paragraph Delimiter, refer to following sections for detail:


Defining a Paragraph


Defining a Word


3. File split/backup settings, refer to following section for detail:


Spliting output text into multi-files(Horizontal and Vertical)


File Overwrite confirm/Backup settings


4. Macros definition, refer to section Macros for detail.


5. Save/Load/Default/OK/cancel buttons


"Save As", user click this button and select a file, the current settings will be saved to the file.


"Load", user click this button and select a file, the current settings will be loaded from the file.


"Default", current settings will be restore to default value of system.


User click "OK" and the change will be appplied to current settings.


If user click "Cancel", all the changes above will be lost and not take effect.



The current settings will be automatically saved to system files when user quit application.



Note: When user do a new replace operation, the global settings value will be automatically loaded, user can change the setting for each individual replace operation, and after the operation, the setting will be recorded into each replace script.