Usage of Dictionary
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What is a Dictionary:


Dictionary is a group of key-value pair which user can import into system. After that, user can look up dictionary in the replace command to make translation or statistics of the word in the text.


The introduction of Dictionary largely extend the flexibility of the application, it enables one text file converting base on another text file.


How to use Dictionary manually:


1. Click Dictionary button or Tools/Dictionary Menu, there are 3 sub-menu: Dictionary Import/Dictionary Export/Clear Dictionary




2. Dictionary Import



Dictionary Import is to read data from page or file into the dictionary.


User can set following operations in dialog and click "Start":


Load data from: "Current Page" or "File"


If user select Current Page, system will read data from Current page.


Otherwise user need to specify a file name in Dictionary File entry, system will load the file to dictionary.


Format: The format of data for user to select.


3. Dictionary Export



Dictionary Import is to read data dictionary and write to current page or file.


User can set following operations in dialog and click "Start":


Save data to: "Current Page" or "File"


Format: The format of data for user to select.


Note: if format is "value" only, the dictionary will be imported like:


1 value1


2 value2


3 value3





4. Clear Dictionary, this operation will clear all the data in the dictionary.


Note: if user put the mouse on the "Dictionary" button, there will be a hint telling user how many records in the dictionary together with first 10 keys in dictionary.



How to use Dictionary in replace command:


Following functions are provided for dictionary operation in replace commands:


get_value($key), set_value($key,$value), clear_value($key),clear_values_all(),get_values_all(),import_values()


Refer to Functions part for detailed explanation.



You can see detailed example, refer to "Using dictionary"