Write Mode(Overwrite,Append,Column Append)
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Write Mode defines how the new text write into page or file.


The most frequent using are:


1. Overwrite(>) => Erase the page or file, and write the new text in.


2. Append(>>) => Keep original text in the page or file, and append the new text to the bottom line.



Replace Pioneer introducing a new Write Mode:



3. Column Append(>>>) => or horizontal append: append the new text to the "right" of the old text



For Example, Old text is:









New text is:









After the Column Append(>>>) operation, the text will be:









Here the <separator> is the output word delimiter defined in Settings for replace, by default, it is a table key.



4. Replace Pioneer introduced "Hex save to file" type since version 2.5:



Hex Save or Load (}) => Save the Hex represented text as real byte into the file, or Load the file and show as Hex text.



For Example, if file content is 'abc', after Hex Loaded, you will see:



61 62 63



You can change it to 61 62 64 and Hex Save to file, the file content will be 'abd'.