Character Encoding, conversion and detection

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Support most popular internet encoding type
* Supports over 70 most popular character encoding types like unicode, utf8,...
* Supports batch file encoding conversion to and from any of 70 encoding types
* Can help user to find out text encoding type by "encoding detection" function

Encoding Conversion


Convert a file from utf-8 to UTF-16.

Character encoding


1) Select Menu Tools->Convert Encoding Convert

2) Select Input Encoding and Output Encoding

3) Enter input file and output file

4) Click "Start"

Batch Encoding Conversion

By clicking "Batch Runner" toolbar or menu, a dialog will be poped-up:

First of all, user need to select source files in 3 ways:

* By clicking "Import List", user can load file list from a text file

* By clicking "Pick files", user can pick one or more files from explorer

* By clicking "Search files", user can search files from directorys or subdirectorys with name/content/size filter

After that, files will be populated to the file list

User can select or edit "Set output file name" entry to set the new filenames

For instance, ${BASE}.new.##.{EXT} will change file.txt to

User can also set new directory for files by changing "Change output file directory"

User can also edit single file's output name and directory by clicking "Edit"

Click "Change Encode", a dialog box will be poped-up

User need to select an input encoding and output encoding here

User click "Start", operation will be started, a log dialog will be poped-up to show operation status.

Batch Encoding Detection

Sometimes user don't know the encoding type of a source file, Encoding Detection tool provide an effective way help user to find out the correct encoding

Select "Tools->Encoding Detection" menu, an Encoding Detection menu will be poped-up:

User need to enter the filename in the "File to Check" entry, then Click "Start".

System will try to open your file with all types of encodings one by one, and for each encoding type, it will take the first 30 bytes as samples.

System will also show the detecting progress. After the detection finishes, user can find out what is the correct encoding type by checking each sample.

After user detecting correct encoding type of the file, he can select this row and click "Set As Encoding" button, to set System Encoding type to this Encoding.

After user has set the encoding, the settings on Tools->Encoding menu will be changed accordingly.

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