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There are more than 100 replace templates included in Replace Pioneer application, in "Replace->Replace by Template" Menu:

Following is the list of the all templates:

TYPE=Chars replace

Replace multi-line text 'abc<RETURN>def' with 'uvw<RETURN>xyz'

Remove all blocks between word 'begin' and 'end'

Replace consecutive spaces/tabs into single space

Remove consecutive appearance of any character

Change the first character to upper case in each sentence

Add a sequence id after each appearance of 'all'

TYPE=Word replace

Change all words ended by 'y' with ending 'ies' excepting '[aeiou]y'

Change whole word apple to fruit, but not include pineapple,...

Change word 'student' to Plural format, ignore cases

Add '(' and ')' on the 2nd word of 3rd line of each paragraph

Show para_no,line_no,word_no of each word

Replace numbers greater than 999 with format of xxxK

Make Word correction for text document

TYPE=Line replace

Remove the 2nd,4th line containing 'banana' or 'apple'

Remove lines not including apple and orange

Exchange the 3rd word and 4th word in every line

Reverse the word order of each line

Force wrap at the 80 th character in each line

Join every 3 lines into 1 line

Join 2 lines if the first char of second line is lower case

TYPE=Paragraph replace

Add 'Begin ' before each paragraph including 'apple'

Add 2 spaces before each paragraph

Count how many lines and words in each paragraph

Append '(need revise)' in non-blank paragraph 2,8 and 16,17,...

Remove the 3rd non-blank line of paragraphs 1,3,5,7,9,....

TYPE=Extracting useful text

Extract all upper case letters from text

Extract only numbers from text, and calculate a summary

Extract all blocks between word 'begin' and 'end'

TYPE=Sort function

Sort all lines and remove duplicate lines

Sort the text by second word as number in descending order

Sort lines in second paragraph, the sort key is 3rd to 8th char, ignore case

TYPE=Creating report from text file

Generate the summary of each column and print result

Multiply each number by 2 and calculate average of all

Make a well-formated report from free format text

TYPE=Word frequency statistics

Count and sort frequency of all words

Count frequency of pure English word -- Re-define Word delimiters

Count and sort frequency of chars

Count and sort frequency of 'aa','ab','ac'...'az'

Count chars a,e,i,o,u(by checking bottom 'word' page for stats)

TYPE=Using dictionary

Loading text in current page to dictionary

Translate all words in the text according to user provided dictionary

Find out all words not appearing in user specified dictionary

Count frequency of all words appearing in the dictionary

File comparation, find out the lines of file A not in file B, step 1

File comparation, find out the lines of file A not in file B, step 2

TYPE=Begin and End text

Add Filename and word count to the begin of text

Add filename and date_time to the end of text

TYPE=Binary/Octet/Decimal/Hex Conversion

Convert text from Binary to Octet

Convert text from Binary to Decimal

Convert text from Binary to Hex

Convert text from Octet to Binary

Convert text from Octet to Decimal

Convert text from Octet to Hex

Convert text from Decimal to Binary

Convert text from Decimal to Octet

Convert text from Decimal to Hex

Convert text from Hex to Binary

Convert text from Hex to Octet

Convert text from Hex to Decimal

TYPE=Html/Text/Link Conversion

Convert Html to Text

Convert Html to Links

Convert Text to Html

TYPE=Batch Command Generator

Make a batch command file to rename all the file in the list

Batch Commands with increasing ID mkdir dir_id1_id2

Batch Commands with non-related increasing ID

TYPE=Input and output: Overwrite/Append/Column Append

Overwrite: input.txt > P0(apple=>fruit) > P1 > output.txt

Append: input.txt > p0(add Header,time) >p1 >> output.txt

Append: input.txt >> P0 > P0

Column Append: input.txt > P0 >P1 >>> output.txt

Column Append: P0 >>> P1

Fast_Chars: Input(change 'banana|apple'=> fruit) > Output.txt

TYPE=Input and output: File Join and Split

Join multi-files into one big file(need to run 'Batch...')

File split by Paragraph separated by Blank Line

File split by 1000 Lines

Split Charter of United Nations into Chapter(run-time define paragraph)

File split by columns separated by spaces

File split by columns of 5 chars

TYPE=Input and output: Output file name control

Input: apple==> Output: orange, Do not generate .bak file

Output filename generated by input filename

Output filename write to a new folder(batch mode)

TYPE=Input and output: Use DOS Command and WWW Pages as input

Make a DOS batch command to rename a group of files

Count the frequency of words in a web site

TYPE=Input and output: Encoding and UNIX format converting

Change file from Encoding A to Encoding B

Change file from DOS format to UNIX format

Change file from UNIX format to DOS format

TYPE=Example of Regular Expression(RE)

Enhanced RE: Replace 'apple' or 'banana' to 'fruit',ignore case(@)

Perl RE: Replace duplicated words 'very very very ...' to 'very '

Turn off RE(use single quote pair): Tom'&'John => 'they'

Escape single quote: he said to me :'Hi!' => he said hello to me

TYPE=Example of Range Definitions

The first 10 occurance of 'one' ==> 'many'

The odd number(1,3,5,7,9...) of words of 'yes' ==> 'no'

Remove the line 3,6,9,12,15,18,21

TYPE=Example of Using user defined Macros


<PATTERN1>|<PATTERN2> ==> abc<PATTERN3>def

TYPE=Example of Batch File Operations

Change many files from Encoding A to Encoding B

Convert many files from Binary to Hex

Convert many files from Html to Text

Convert many files from Text to Html

Download and save a group of web pages as html

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