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I often need to do some day to day batch text operations like:

1. Changeing each line or specified line of a text file with a customized rule, such as adding 2 months for each date.

2. Extracting some specified characters/words/lines/columns from one or more text files, and paste it to other tools like excel.

3. Take some text from a list of websites, filter and combine them and output to a target file.

4. Downloading all exe, pdf or other user specifiled file types listed in a webpage or text file.

5. Detecting the encoding type of a text file, and convert a group of files to another encoding type for PDA or other system.

6. Renaming or copying a group of files with a customized rule, such as rename 'files.txt' to ''.

7. Making statistics in a text file for the frequency of specified character combinations, or sorted frequency of all words.

8. Batch split files by user specified number of bytes/lines/columns, or paste files together in horizontal (line) or vertical(column) direction.

... ...

(... means more tasks such as bin/hex/decimal/oct conversion, html to text/links conversion, date format conversion, ip to contry conversion, batch file making, word auto-correction, ...)

I tried but could hardly find a software which is competent on 2 or even 1 of above tasks.

However, the formal release of "Replace Pioneer 2.0" completely changed the situation.

It is not reluctant to say that "Replace Pioneer" can finish all above tasks,

given a source text,

tell a rule,

push a "replace" button,

coming a success story...

"Replace Pioneer" always works in this way, elegantly, for whatever tasks.

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